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The GeoCorr Vision

Our desire to achieve accurate inspection results and dependable inspection tools is an ongoing passion. Our team at GeoCorr continually builds to improve upon our results year after year.

We always work harder, whether it's getting you the equipment when you want it or delivering the results when you need it.

As a group, we have a passion for better technology, improved analysis results and a commitment to outstanding customer service.

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Product Spotlight

GeoSense Geometry/Caliper

Our current inspection fleet ranges in size from 3" to 48". All GeoSense geometry tools have dual and multi diameter inspection capability.

GeoSense was developed to measure dents, ovalities, the internal pipeline diameter, locate hidden third-party damages and to validate passage clearance for other inspection tools. In addition, it measures distance, wall thickness changes, glirth welds and hardware such as tees, valves and other installations.

Pipeline integrity depends largely upon pipe wall condition. Deformations such as dents as wrinkles cause problems when using design calculations based on round pipe. By using our GeoSense internal geometry inspection tool, problem areas can be sized, located, dug and removed from service.