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MFL Technology

MFL Data Analysis and Reporting

Our in-house data analysis team handles all of our Metal Loss data information and final reporting results. With 75+ years of Data analysis experience within our group, we have a passion to get you accurate results to improve pipeline safety. Our field technicians and data analysts conform to ANSI/ANST ILI-PQ-2017 of ILI personnel, qualification and certification requirements. 

  • Preliminary Report < 30 days
  • Standard Final Report < 60 days
preferred mfl v3 layered

Caliper Technology

Caliper Data Analysis and Reporting

Our technicians provide infield reporting for quick accurate dent/ovality assessment and removal, ideal for new construction surveys. Other onsite reports include tool passage clearance within hours of receiving the data. This provides necessary information such as Minimum pipeline ID and bend radius information to confirm whether MFL and/or UT tools will safely negotiate the pipeline.

  • Standard Field Reporting < 24hrs
  • Standard Final Reporting < 30 days

Inertial Mapping Technology

Inertial Mapping

GeoSense™ Geometry/IMU Technology

GeoSense Geometry/IMU tool was developed to measure the internal pipeline diameter, locate hidden third-party damages and to validate passage clearance for other inspection tools. In addition to measuring dents, ovalities, distance, wall thickness changes, girth welds and hardware such as tees and valves, the IMU will report the numerical positioning for their locations.

GeoSense™ Geometry/IMU Reporting

Besides the numerical positioning files, mapping files containing the trajectory of the centerline and marker positions are generated in Google Earth format so that users can easily view their line pipelines using Google Earth software.

With IMU capability we have added sub-meter positioning to make digs more accurate and cost-effective. Positioning references can be supplied at customer defined intervals and distance or projection.

GeoCorr’s Enhanced interpretation of the IMU data provides better GIS integration and position based analysis, raster and vector maps will be collected and a GIS project will be formed in ESRI’s ArcGis format.

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GeoCorr Truck

Tethering our GeoCorr™ MFL/GEO/IMU Inspection Technologies allows for the inspections of pipelines typically considered unpiggable and allows our clients to fully assess the integrity of their pipelines.

  • Caliper ranging from 3” to 48”
  • MFL/GEO/IMU Inspections from 3” to 16”
  • Geometry/IMU from 4” to 48”

Additional Support Services

  • Wireline Tethered Services
  • Caliper: Geometry Pipeline Inspections  
  • MFL: Combo Pipeline Inspections 
  • IMU: Inertial Pipeline Mapping Inspections 
  • Dent Strain Analysis 
  • Bend Strain Analysis
  • Launcher and Receiver Rentals & Sales
  • AGM Rentals / Gauge Pig Rentals & Sales
  • Tracking / Survey and AGM Placement

Dent Strain Analysis

Ask us about our Dent Strain Analysis capability, available for all pipeline deformation features found throughout your pipeline.

Bend Strain Analysis 

Ask us about our Bend Strain Analysis capability available for all bend and direction changes found throughout your pipeline.